Special Fitness

Unleash Your Legs (North Branch Spring & Fall)

Join the running revolution! This is a 7-week instructor led walk/run training program to get you ready to run a 5K. This course provides guidance, motivation,  and in a fun group setting. This training program will follow a walk/run training plan, and is for inexperienced runners only. All training will be outside, so please dress accordingly for the weather.

YMCA Massage Therapy

Now you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing body massage. Beth Eber is our resident Licenzed Massage Therapist. Just call our South Branch at 419.629.9622 to make an appointment with Beth.

Rehab Water Exercise

This is individual instruction for persons recovering from stroke, accident, or other medical conditions. This class helps improve muscle strength, endurance, joint flexibility, and coordination.

YMCA Personal Training

Anyone who wants to make a change, whether you are starting a brand new fitness program or simply changing a training program to something different. We will work with individuals who want to fain strength, tone muscles, or simply lose weight. Traditional and non-traditional modalities to train, including weight machines, free-weights, cardiovascular machines, stability balls, medicine balls, and thera-bands. We would love to help you on your path to fitness success!