Membership Rates

Current YMCA Membership Rates

Membership Category Down Payment Monthly Payment
Family $157.64 down $72.64 per month
Adult $104.05 down $54.05 per month
Student $51.90 down $26.90 per month

Corporate Membership Rates are Available.

Down Payment:

Includes your first month’s  payment and the new member-joining fee, which applies to all new YMCA members  and returning members whose membership has lapsed for 30 days or more.

Monthly Payment:

Based on the annual  amount divided into 12 monthly installments paid through checking or savings  account automatic bank draft program. We do not accept monthly over the  counter membership payments.

Monthly Draft Cancelation

Drafts must be cancelled 30 days prior to your next draft date  at the YMCA Desk. E-mail or Phone Message cancellations will not be accepted.

Annual Payment:

Members may pay annually  for their YMCA membership. The new member rate reflects the joining fee. Renewing  members do not have to pay this additional amount provided they renew their  membership within 30 days of their anniversary month.

Sales Tax:

Ohio Law requires that applicable  sales tax be added to each membership. Sales tax will be added at the time of  enrollment.

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