YMCA Ambassador Program

“Wanna get money back on your YMCA Membership?”

Our YMCA Leadership recognizes that you are our most valuable asset to this organization. You are an ambassador for the YMCA. Who better than you, knows the advantages of being a YMCA member? Who better than you can tell the story to your

friends, neighbors, and colleagues? And who better than you can get them to join you as a member of the Auglaize/Mercer Counties YMCA.

For every new YMCA membership you bring in to the Auglaize/Mercer Counties YMCA, you will get a refund back to you, equal of one month of your own YMCA membership rate. For example, if you bring in a friend and he/she joins the Auglaize/Mercer Counties YMCA as either an Adult or Family member; you will be refunded the value of one month of your own Auglaize/Mercer Counties YMCA membership. Talk to our staff at the YMCA Desk to get all the details.