Martial Arts


We are pleased to welcome the Ironbear Martial Arts School to our YMCA Family of programs. Martial Arts is an excellent way to stay in shape, improve your balance and coordination, and for young people, it’s an excellent character building skill. We invite you to come meet the instructors and learn more about this program.

Ironbear Martial Arts is located at 7590 State Route 703 East in Celina, OH at the YMCA. The facilities offer a spacious trainng location with locker rooms. You do not need to be a member of the YMCA to join Ironbear Martial Arts; although a discount is offered if you are a member. For further information please contact David Weaver at 419.584.1958 or the YMCA at 419.586.9622.

The goal of Ironbear Martial Arts is to provide an atmosphere of respect, enthusiasm and discipline for all our students, and allow them to become confident in themselves and their abilities of defense. Our hopes are that your students may live long and prosperous lives and treat others ina  kind and respectful manner. Our class creed “Peace is my shelter, Violence is my Enemy, pride and ego are my weaknesses,” is repeated before each class. If you would like to try out class for free we offer ONE FREE WEEK!! of lessons (absolutely no strings attached). We honor most belt ranks from other styles, you simply need to provide rank certificates.

Come and see what makes Ironbear Martial Arts such a wonderful place to train. Feel free to browse our website; and if you have any questions or comments please email the webmaster at I will respond as quickly as possible. In closing we would like to leave you with our closing creed that we repeat together. “Honor, Discipline, Respect – these I will take with me”!


The Ironbear Martial Arts Instructors