Water Fitness

Arthritis Class

This class is for anyone who suffers the pains of arthritis, immobility, or flexibility problems. This program is co-sponsored by the YMCA and the Arthritis Foundation. This is a FREE CLASS for our YMCA Members.


This class was formerly known as “Pounds off in Water”. We’ve made some improvements and updated the movements to a great total body workout designed to get your muscles toned and your heart pumping! Most of this class takes place in the shallow end with some work in the deep end.

Water Works

This is a great shallow water class that provides an excellent total body workout with minimal joint strain. This class replaces our previous “Low Impact H2O class.”

Early Rise Watercise

A deep end class for those of you who like to get your day started off right.

M.S. Class

This is a FREE class  provided by the YMCA for anyone wayfaring from Multiple Sclerosis or any other debilitating muscular disorder.